Syrp Genie Mini II - Panning motion control system


  • Product Description

      Syrp Genie Mini II - Panning motion control system

      Compact enough to fit into a small carry bag or even your coat pocket; the Syrp Genie Mini II is a portable and easy-to-use device for creating smooth panning motion time-lapses or real-time video. The Genie Mini II expands on its predecessor's features with the addition of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 support, longer video recording battery life, a faster USB Type-C connection, and 360/VR panorama support.

      The Genie Mini II is designed to sit between your camera and tripod and has an internal motor that enables 360° panning motion with cameras weighing up to 8.8 pounds. Control and setup is done wirelessly using a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection and Syrp's Genie 2 App for iOS and Android devices. To accommodate experienced and beginning time-lapse shooters, the Genie 2 app provides a useful set of presets, so you can start shooting right away. Advanced users will appreciate the faster Bluetooth 4.2 connection to take advantage of more complex, custom motion control settings and multi-row panoramas to create 360/VR images.

      A lithium-ion battery provides approximately 15 hours of time-lapse and six hours of smooth, continuous video panning on a single charge. A USB Type-C cable is included for recharging the battery.

      An optional Link Cable is required for connecting your camera to the Genie Mini for time-lapse recording.

      Key Features

      • Supports both incremental time-lapse motion as well as smooth, continuous panning motion
      • Max speed: 360° in 33 seconds
      • Turntable mode enables using the Genie Mini for product photography for both stills and video
      • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity for wireless setup and control using the Syrp Genie 2 app for iOS and Android devices
      • App presets to help you get started with your time-lapses
      • Shoot Astro time-lapse using the move-shoot-move function
      • Ease in/out feature lets you ramp your movement at the beginning and end of your time-lapse or video move
      • 1/4"-20 camera mounting screw with 3/8"-16 adapter included
      • 3/8"-16 tripod mounting thread
      • Can be combined with the Syrp Genie Mini for 2-axis motion control, the Product Turntable for interactive 360° images of objects, or the Genie II Linear for 3-axis motion control (using an optional sync cable to connect the systems)
      • Advanced key framing 
      • Shoots multi row panoramic images


  • Product Details

    • Variant: Default Title
    • SKU: SY0033-0001
    • Brand: syrp
    • Collection: Syrp

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